RESOURCE/AMMIRATI, an IBM company - UX internship

Resource/Ammirati, an IBM company - UX internship


Resource/Ammirati internship 


I was very lucky to get an internship at Resource/Ammirati, an IBM company the summer of 2016. I learned a lot from a number of very talented people. I worked on projects for clients like Barnes & Noble, Sherwin Williams, and Babies R Us. 

What did I learn?

I cannot show you all of the work I did, but I can show you pieces of my work. With this internship I tried to focus on gettin my hands on as many UX deliverables as I could and deeper my skills in UX. I also wanted to get to use my learned research skills, which brought me to many great projects. I wanted to represent the UX path I learned to used during my time at Resource. 


the beginning

Before starting the "new experience" we conducted number of content audits, competitive audits and insights from collaboration sessions. My role was mainly being the note taker and after these tasks were over I was preparing the insights, and how will these insights influence our design and next steps.



After having all the insights I was usually ready to get to work. One huge thing I learned at Resource was that everything should go from my head to the board. That is the best way how to communicate the idea with the team.


flow diagram

I had some experience with flow diagrams before my time at Resource, but I learned to make it more perfect and into bigger detail. I found out that making the flow diagram is very useful and should not be skipped in the design process. This step makes you a clear idea with where to start wireframing and the what is the logic behind the experience. You have to think about avery possible situation the user can get in touch with.



The wireframing was a big thing that I learned at Resource. As I said before I learned that putting stuff on board is very important, this thing is twice as important with wireframing for me. I always started on the board and continued in Axure to create a functional prototype. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 7.04.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 08.17.52.png

user testing

I was a part of multiple user testings. I did some by myself, I was a note taker for big ones, where I could experience being behind the smoky glass at focus facilities. User testing is extremely important in the process and I am really glad that I could learn it.I was also in charge of creating the take aways after these tests.


The intern project

During my time at Resource I was also a part of the intern project. Intern project is a project when all of the interns get together and every week have 4 hours dedicated to work on this project. 

The topic for this year was very influenced by the fact that Resource/Ammirati was just bought by IBM. Our intern project was then around IBM Watson and how can Resource use Watson in solutions for clients. 

I researched and illustrated the experience that customers have while creating a registry at Babies R Us online and in store. I created experience maps, where I tried to show how people feel, what people do and say during different stages of the process.