IN THE HEART OF IT - outreach, strategy, planning

In the heart of it


Short description:


Jar Isforum wishes to be in the centre of the community of Jar. In the heart of it provides a strategy for Jar Isforum to connect to the community while planing events. The project explores different organisational tools and guides that help with organising events and leads the Isforum to a collaboration between different actors around Jar kommune. 

Concept developed by: Alice Smejkalova and Vilde Rebekka Aasen
Fall 2017

AHO works winner for Service Design (the whole class)
AHO works nomination for Strategic Approach to Design (the whole class) and Complexity and Holistic design (project)


The process

We started by getting our initial brief:

The club wants to be at the heart of the community and create a loyal engaged community around the club.

1. Interviews and Big picture workshop

Getting to know the club, the people, who is the community, finding problems and opportunity areas
Workshop - general understanding about the club, who are the actors and what is the main time schedule

2. Presenting opportunity areas

We presented our findings and opportunity areas to the members from Jar Isforum and had an after presentation discussion with them about what concepts they would like to go with


The main problem area:

Lack of organisation while planning events that supposed to effect the community and lack of community outreach

How is anything planned now?

Main problems:
Number of emails, long chains, confusing subject lines and relying on a singular person

What works well:
Resources - people are investing a lot of time, involvement and willingness to work, making things happen

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 20.22.02.png

Based on problems and what works well we created our design criteria

While working on framing the solution, we decided to involve an event called Winter Classic that was held in December. Winter Classic has a long tradition in the US, it is a celebration event of hockey and families together. We decided to test out our design on this event and took it as a live scale prototype. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 20.23.19.png
Logo for the event that we designed

Logo for the event that we designed


Diving deeper in the problem

We wanted to get to know even more about the problem, and we also wanted to hear more from the community around the ice hockey arena. That’s why we interviewed other actors in the community like the school or the church.


Concept definition

Through mappings, more interviews and analysing we found out that we are working on two sets of tools for organisation of events.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 20.28.46.png


We prototyped on different scales

1. Project management - from setting up spreadsheets, setting a work space inside of the hockey arena, promoting the event through social media and having follow up meetings

2. Community outreach - vision setting, visual identity, presentations of the event and the intentions behind the event to all the actors in the community, workshop with SFO kids from Jar school

The final event Winter Classic

More than 300 people attended, we had different hockey and ice skating shows, we involved the community

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 18.04.07.png

Based on our findings from planning the Winter Classic we designed the final strategy for event planning.
In the heart of it - a strategy for organising events including the whole community

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 21.15.44.png

From previous experience we prolonged the before part to make sure that everything is ready for organising and we also added the after part as we found out that after every project nothing is being done right now.

G Suite

Part of the final solution was also creation of G-Suite with all the important document for planning that we predesigned for better organisation. All of these documents follow the structure of the strategy and are easy to follow.

Personal reflection

Big scale prototyping - Because we had the great opportunity of prototyping with a real event, we could try everything in real settings. This put a lot of pressure on us, but also it was a great experience.

Working closely with the client - The whole time we worked very closely with the client. This allowed us to discuss a lot of details, and build a good relationship with the client.