ABBOTT NUTRITION 2.0 - research, recommendations, workout

Abbott nutrition 2.0


Short description

We worked straight with a nutrition manufacturing company. We were tasked with researching few of the client's target segments, map their working out life experience, and create recommendations for these segments. 

Because this project was for a client, it is still confidential. I can't show you the whole process, but I can show you sections of it.


Background of the project:

In this project we worked with Abbott Nutrition. We were hired as design researchers to look for new opportunity areas in a specific target audience. The company provided us with their own audience groups and gave us some descriptions of what we can start working on.


Data collection

In the beginning of the process we decided to collect our data with surveys and experience maps. We attended a big body building show in Columbus, Ohio where we were passing our surveys, in the end we collected around 520 surveys. After a participant filled the survey we could see right away which segment the participants fell into. If they ended up being in a segment we were focusing, we asked them to fill our experience map exercise with us. We had a team of two with the experience maps (one moderator, one note taker).I personally did around 80-100 surveys, and around 5-7 maps.



After collecting all the data, we had the hard and fun part in front of us. We divided into smaller groups and each of the group took one segment to focus on. We put everything on the wall and started to look for insights and patterns. We then created groups of patterns and place them on a "line" of work out.

The final recommendations

In the end we found out that each segment actually consist of two personas. We created these personas and based them on our data we found from surveys and experience maps. 

We presented an experience maps for each of the persona that contained the stages of the work out life, what was the level of working out, what was the main event in each stage, etc. After this we did some key take aways and in the end we created a set of recommendations

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.35.56 PM.png

Personal reflections:

Design leadership - I got to experience being a design lead in a group. Overall it was quite challenging, but it gave me a lot of great knowledge.

In person surveys -We had a great opportunity to do in person surveys on tablets at a huge event. This trained me to be more outgoing and a more confident researcher.

In depth experience maps - We spent a long time creating the experience maps to be really in depth. This was a great experience for me and for the whole team.